We can help you navigate your way through the choices and challenges to bring about positive change in your life or career. Our coaching services are personalised from three one-hour sessions for targeted interview coaching to intense change management plans lasting several months. To make the most of your investment, we always offer ongoing support after the formal coaching period.


Let’s be honest, networking does not come naturally to most people. In fact, the idea of putting oneself out and speaking to strangers can create anxiety for many which, in turn, usually leads to avoiding situations all together. We can help change that and give you the tools and confidence needed to successfully work a room and make meaningful connections to transition your career.


Whether you believe it or not, you are your own brand. Building a recognisable personal brand opens professional opportunities by enabling you to stand out in the crowd. We can assist with identifying your unique brand attributes and provide guidance on how to embrace these qualities. Through the creation of brand assets such as resumes, cover letters and even profile photography, we can align your personal brand to create a consistent, marketable image that will get your foot in the door.


There is a strong probability that you already possess many of the talents valued by employers. Through deep analysis, our job is to understand how your previous accomplishments, experiences and skills gained throughout your career can be transferred into a new industry and role. You’ll have the knowledge to evaluate opportunities and showcase the benefits you bring with confidence and ease.


Having been in the industry now for over 16 years, we have seen our share of resumes and CVs. The reality is that only about 10 per cent of resumes are well-written, error-free documents that encourage the reader to pay attention and look past the first page. With potentially hundreds of applicants jostling to be selected for an interview you cannot afford to be poorly represented by a bad resume. Collaboratively, we can take the steps required to ensure you are promoting a positive first impression through your resume and CV.


You’ve taken all the right steps thus far and have successfully landed an interview. Excellent – now is your time to shine, but for many this is not often the case. Let’s ensure you leave the interviewer with a positive, lasting impression. Through coaching and role-playing, as well as question and answer anticipation, we can teach you how to prepare,  ‘own’ the interview and increase your chances of winning the position.


In today’s market, recruiters and hiring managers are using all the tools at their disposal to learn about you. This extends much further than resumes and CVs. We can help you build and control the information you share publicly through networking sites such as LinkedIn and Seek. These sites will add to your suite of self-marketing tools and create a holistic and consistent presence across networks.


We are a non-CTAS supplier of career transition services to Australian Defence Force personnel entering civilian careers. You can differentiate yourself and open the right doors with tailored career coaching services and CV creation. We offer the best service, reasonable rates and always provide lifetime phone support after your career transition.